The Motion Bros

The Motion Bros Jordan and Wesley are two homies that just decided to pick up a camera and head around the world creating rad content. Its so inspiring to see people take a leap and make the most of life, travelling and sharing their stories.
Thanks so much boys for sharing it with us.
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Who we are
We're the Motion Bros, a couple of Kiwi dudes enjoying the hits of life and doing our best to live a good one. We are content creators who love to travel, spend time with like-minded people, spread the good vibes and inspire people to be themselves and do what they love. 
Wesley was born in South Africa and moved to Auckland when he was 9. Jordan was born and bred here in Auckland, NZ. We've done plenty of travel around the world and we have to say, NZ is still top of the list on many occasions! 
Perspective is the most important thing we have learnt on our journey. It takes a lot to let go of the pre-conceived ideas you think others are making of you, but once you do this, you can spend more time and energy focusing on what YOU want to do, rather than living your life for other people. At the start of our journey, we were anxious and nervous about starting our page and doing what we love; afraid of what others might think of us. 18 months down the track and it's the best thing we've ever done, and our community is growing every day! 
We do what we do to inspire other people to chase their dreams and not settle for a lifestyle they're not happy about. We believe with the right attitude, you can learn anything you want and chase any ambition you create. We also love spreading the good vibes, and think that a simple smile and a positive approach goes a long way!