Sam Newson

My name is Sam Newson, I was born and bred in West Auckland and I am a Rep for Accessman Auckland.
Writing this hasn’t been an easy task, it has been a little more challenging than i thought - it’s taken me nearly 3 months! But if I can do it, anyone can.
Too many of us are keeping quiet when it comes to the darker side of life and It’s something that many of us have wanted to change but for some reason we can never get there but im more than proud to be an integral part of a charity that is going to do everything in its power to help.
After too many years of dealing with severe anxiety, I decided enough was enough and went to a doctor to source help. This was a big step forward and within 4 weeks I started to see major changes in the way I felt. It made me realize how truly bad the anxiety I had been living with really was and how I had normalized it over the years - I forgot what living without anxiety was even like. Going to see someone for help was the best thing I could of done and I encourage anyone to seek support if you are suffering, it may be worse than you think and no one should have to live like that. Added to this, two years ago I lost my Dad. I was 29 and I didn't deal with it very well. We have all dealt with a few shit situations in life, but nothing is worse than losing someone and then seeing everyone around you suffer from the same loss. I drank a lot and was popping pills like vitamins which at time, felt like it was getting me through but I could of easily slid down a slippery slope. Thankfully, I had some awesome friends to support me that pulled me into line. I’ve never had a problem with talking to my mates and I’m stoked they can talk to me too, and they do from time to time.
If you cant talk to your friends, your family or a professional or anyone for that matter about things like this, how are we ever going to get better?
On my journey with All good, there is a couple of topics I find myself passionate about changing the perspective on. Life expectations being the first and foremost, I’ve found so many people including myself struggling to keep up with "expectations of society" and I've realised people couldn’t give a shit if you have the latest iPhone or a million dollar mortgage, this is all in our head and the sooner we realise this the easier life will be. Taking responsibility for our own actions and backing ourselves 100% takes all the weight of our shoulders and carves a clear path of what we truly need.
My second topic is the stigma associated with “being a man” many of us boys are stuck in jobs or positions in life just to be “a man” this is something we need to change because this kind of thought pattern is what stops men speaking up when things aren’t right, I feel the old she”ll be right attitude is just an excuse to shut up and bottle it all in. We all know where this can lead so why are we still doing it? It’s not just our generation that can to stop this either, so to all the old boys out there 'we all look up to our elders out of respect and these changes need to be handed down from you too'.
So my final words are simple. If you can think of anyone, anywhere that may be struggling, please dont hesitate to simply ask them if they are ALL GOOD? you might just be the one they need at that time.