Sam Moore

Hello, my name is Sam Moore and I'm from Swanson, West Auckland. I'm a Saddle Maker and Leathersmith alongside my Dad at Fenmore Limited.
I decided to create The All Good Club because I've had some major turns in my life and when I believe in something, I have a tendency to throw everything at it. All though ONE OF US was to be about other people and projects, it only made sense to share about myself and how this all came about. My story might not inspire people that are struggling with Mental Health, but hopefully it might inspire the ones that are above water to make stigmatic changes towards Mental Health - we are all in this together and we can all make a positive impact on people's lives.
The All Good Club is not a single force, it is a movement for all of us to move forward together.
After my brother Joe took his own life in 2007, I can't say I ever really grieved. Maybe I was weird or lucky, or maybe it was just the stubborn Viking blood from my Nana. Don't get me wrong, I definitely had some self destruction up my sleeve saved for later, but during this really horrific time in my family's life, I somehow managed to have the ability to help everyone else and make sure I could be there for everyone else that was grieving. Although I lost someone I love, my blood, I understood that I would never know how sick and sad someone could be. I came to realise that Joe and others in and around his life had lost so much more, not just in that moment but in the future to come. I also understood that we only have what's in front of us which gave me an incredible sense of EMPATHY and made me want to help even more. I was proud of this.
A few years passed and oh yeh, that self destruction I had up my sleeve... well that came out for a good hoon. I had some really shitty and hard patches in my life to follow where I didn't really care too much about anything. But when I was at my worst, some key people that I had dedicated time and energy to and some newcomers in my life, were now dedicating their time and energy to me. This didn't just help clear some fog, but it gave me another incredible sense... GRATITUDE. Not just for the amazing people around me, but for people and things that inspired me; I was grateful for even the smallest of things, good and bad!
This led me in to the past few years of my life where I have had the chance to look at all of this in clear view. I had deleted my vices, I was working harder than ever, I was doing everything I could to be selfless; mainly paying for bad deeds with good. I was proud again. Not only that, I gained yet another incredible sense which was OPENESS. I was open to everything and anyone about anything. It definitely opened up a few scary insights about myself, but it allowed me to accept a few things and move forward.
All of this has put me where I am today and made me positive for the future, but there was something missing which didn't really occur to me until recently. Halfway through this year when a homie took his own life, it really messed me up. He was no doubt a homie and someone I respected, but we weren't super close. I was devastated for him, his family and for everyone that loved him and I found myself staring back at my own experience with Joe. It broke my heart.
From this, I found one more incredible sense and this was the WILL TO MAKE CHANGE. I needed to do something, not because I'm special but because I'm average, because I've been through shit and because I came out of it. Because I can make small changes and I know others can make them too. This is the beginning of The All Good Club.
I want to dedicate All Good to my brother Joe Moore for giving me EMPATHY. To all the beautiful people and things in my life for giving me GRATITUDE. To myself for giving me OPENNESS and to Zahn Turner for giving me the WILL TO MAKE CHANGE.
This is for you, for me, for us. Let's get All Good!