Jordan Moore

My name is Jordan Moore,
I’m 25 years old, born and raised in the mighty West Auckland and  I am a rep for Hardie Fasteners Ltd.
A bit about me..
I am the youngest sibling of six beautiful kids that my super rad parents Graham & Diane have raised, 5 boys & one girl! I’m a real proud father of two amazing humans (we’ll get to that later…) A keen golfer but not a good one, a soon to be Husband of one of the most incredible woman I have ever met in my life! and I am a bit of a fan of the odd rugby league game here or there, Actually I’m a huge fan of league and yeah Warriors is my team through and through, this year’s our year!
As I sit here and write this I’m listening to Led Zeppelin “Ramble on” kind of fitting as you’re about to hear MY story and there’s a bit of “Rambling”. Bear with me, it’s a long one.
In 2007 I lost someone super close to me, someone I spent a ton of time with, someone I looked up to, someone I told my mates about how he was so cool and if anyone picks on us, it’s all good he’s scary as and will sort them out! I lost my brother Joe. He was just an all-round GC! and it’s only as I grow into an adult and years go by that I realize just how much of an impact he had on my life.
Post 2007 I thought we had everything, a mum and dad that loved us unconditionally, a roof over our heads that catered for what felt like a small village but to me mostly.. we all had smiles and happiness, Christmas’s and birthdays were always a BBQ with everyone together. Now don’t get me wrong we still have all of the above but it’s all missing just one thing, my brother.
Being the ripe age of thirteen when he passed it really hit me hard, I was confused, I felt like I was being kept from things I wanted to know, I was angry, I had a million emotions overcome my pimply teenage body and I didn’t know how to deal with it.
In 2008 I was 14 years old, after a year had gone by, I had smoked drugs, smoked cigarettes, drunk alcohol all the stuff someone of my age shouldn’t have even thought about. During high school I had a met someone I fell attached to, she became pregnant! Whoa what the F*ck do I tell my parents… Fast forward to September 27th 2008 I was now 15, my life changed from that very moment. My oldest son was born. Two teenage kids with a healthy baby boy and families that were there to help along the way but a lot of shit happened between 2008 & 2011. These were supposed to be my prime teenage years, it was far from that! September 24th 2011 my youngest son was born. So here I am with two young boys at the age of 18! Barely a kid myself. In my time growing, learning & being a dad to these two little gems were the hardest times of my life. I was far from a perfect parent, I’d choose drugs & alcohol and a night with mates over spending time with them, I mean I was 18 that’s what all my mates were doing and I was jealous, why can’t I do that too? What I didn’t realize was that it was much more severe than that. I always wanted to fit in with the crowds, I didn’t want to tell my mates or people around me that I was feeling so dark because all they saw was this happy energetic guy that made people laugh, I didn’t want anyone to think ANY LESS of me!
From then through till now, I have struggled with deep depression and no one has ever told me that until recently. I took myself to my GP and just TALKED, I burst out with everything I had bottled up over the years. It was AMAZING! The best thing I could have ever done. I thought I would be embarrassed to ever come forward and speak about what I was actually feeling to a human being that was there to listen no matter what you said.
Fast forward to 2019, I’m sitting in my office in my beautiful home that I’m lucky enough to share with my fiancé and my two amazing kids, now listening to Fat Boy Slim “Praise you” kind of fitting again because the lyrics literally just said ‘I have to celebrate you baby, through the HARD times & the GOOD’ and there has been so many hard times for me.
I have left about three 400 page journals of shit behind that I could have shared with you but I didn’t because as I sit here and tell you my story I can hold my head high and say I am PROUD, I have accomplished shit not many would attempt to tackle and I can say in the loudest of voices I AM ALLGOOD!
I’m super excited and feel very humbled to be a part of The All Good Club and look forward to making an impact & change!
I will finish with this,
If you feel like you shouldn’t feel then TALK with someone!
Talking is the best medicine and I can’t express this enough,
If I can, you can too.
With Mad love
Jordan Moore