When you are having a rough time its not easy to grasp hold of your situation and it can feel like a lonely road but there are some incredible services out there to help you out.

Often seeking support from a family member, mate or work mate is a great start and although it might seem challenging to reach out, this gives you the best opportunity to open up about how you are feeling and move forward to the next approach. You don't need advice from your mates or family you just need support so you can get All Good.

If you feel like you might not have anyone to turn to or you are not ready to open up to someone that knows you, you can reach out to one of these awesome services. They are 100% confidential and are run by rad kiwis that only have the intention to help you out.

If you feel like you might be suffering from depression or just not sure about how you feel, the team at www.depression.org.nz have a 24 hour, 7 day a week service. You can give them a call on 0800 111 757 or free text 4202 to talk to a trained counsellor about how you are feeling or to ask any questions.

If you are having a really rough time and unsure about what to do or who to talk to, you can free call or text 1737 at anytime for support.

You can also free call LIFELINE on 0800 543 354 or free text 4357.

If you feel in anyway that you are in a crisis and need urgent support call the crisis hotline on 0508 828 865

Remember that you are never alone and you are never a burden by talking to someone. Reach out, be open.