Hey, my name is Harriet Conaghan. I live in Hamilton with my husband Zane. 
Im from the UK and have been here now for about 13years. Im a tattoo artist and am currently loving life...finally
 You might read my story and think 'is that it' but different things effect people at different levels and i dont believe in categorizing or ranking feelings. Dont brush off your depression by comparing it to someone 'worse off' then you.
 I was 17 when i moved here, ended up needing company so jumped into a shite relationship. Neither of us being a saint but got abused none the less, put down and spat on on a regular basis. This being drummed into my head made me really depressed and heavily overweight. I didnt work, i hardly left the house and found it incredibly hard to make any conversation with people. 
My grandma passed and I inherited a decent high five figger sum...I didnt want it, just wanted my grandma back. On my 21st birthday I shouted my partner at the time and his friend to a comedy night in a limo, penthouse appartment, the works. He ended up getting drunk and abusing me, I was so close to jumping off the balcony that night. Instead i necked back aload of drugs and called an ambulance...massive call for help and attention. 
 Getting out of the relationship was hard and i felt alone, even though i wasnt. My family was the best support ever but I didnt always see it or want it. Going to the gym was the best thing i found, taking my anger out on myself but in a positive way and showing myself how strong i could be. My strength finally grew, my weight dropped and things just fell in place. Life is still a battle now and again but everything makes you stronger and learn how to deal with situations better. 
 Im on anti anxiety meds to this day and handle life day by day. My journey has just opened my eyes to realizing that everyone is fighting an unseen battle and everyone should just be nice and more patient to others! Im sure alot of my clients dont know how anxious and depressed I am at work sometimes and im lucky enough that they're beautiful people and it helps and gets me through the day. 
I just want people to realize that if someone is rude to you or disrespectful, HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. Don’t take things personally, focus on yourself and do whats right for YOU. 
 I hope that this helps someone, even just gives you that little strength to start focusing on yourself and making yourself happier. 
I welcome any messages if you need someone to talk to if you relate to my story or just want someone to listen to you.