About Us


The All Good Club is focused on Mental Health Awareness, promoting positive change amongst New Zealanders and shedding light on the tough stuff.
1 in 6 New Zealanders suffer from Mental Health issues. It's a very broad subject and has many factors which can be scary for a lot of us to handle.
At The All Good Club, we strive to help family members and friends with ways to help within their own environments. We also aim to provide some tools and services available out there for you to feel confident to reach out to someone that may be struggling and give them the best opportunity to feel 'All Good' about the next stage.
Sometimes making small changes within ourselves and reaching out in the right ways to those who are having a hard time can make a huge impact on their frame of mind. 
The All Good Club intends to raise funds from incredible, everyday people, partners and sponsorship's so that we can create events, projects and giveaways promoting Mental Health Awareness. Funding also gives us the opportunity to help other organisations and community projects alike.
If I am All Good and You are All Good, then that is just... ALL GOOD!